What Sauce To Serve With Zucchini Fritters?

Looking for the perfect sauce to complement your zucchini fritters? Look no further! Whether you prefer a creamy dip or a tangy sauce, there are plenty of options to elevate the flavors of your fritters. From a refreshing tzatziki sauce with cucumber and yogurt to a zesty lemon aioli, these sauces are the perfect accompaniment to enhance the crispy texture and delicate flavors of your zucchini fritters. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and take your fritters to the next level with these delicious sauce ideas!

what sauce to serve with zucchini fritters

Tangy Yogurt Sauce

The tangy yogurt sauce is a delightful accompaniment to the fritters. Made with a medley of yogurt, lemon juice, and herbs, it adds a refreshing and creamy element to the dish.

To prepare the tangy yogurt sauce, start by gathering the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup of plain yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh herbs (such as dill, parsley, or mint)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

In a bowl, combine the plain yogurt, lemon juice, and chopped fresh herbs. Mix well until all the ingredients are evenly incorporated. The lemon juice adds a zesty tang, while the fresh herbs contribute a burst of flavor.

Next, season the sauce with salt and pepper to taste. This step allows you to adjust the seasoning according to your preferences. Be mindful not to add too much salt, as the fritters already have their own seasoning.

Once the sauce is well-mixed and seasoned, cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. This chilling time allows the flavors to meld together, enhancing the overall taste of the sauce.

When ready to serve, take the tangy yogurt sauce out of the refrigerator and give it a quick stir. The sauce should have a thick and creamy consistency, perfect for dipping or drizzling over the fritters.

The tangy yogurt sauce complements the fritters beautifully, offering a cooling and tangy contrast to the crispy texture of the fritters. Its creamy nature helps to balance out the spices used in the fritter batter, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Whether you’re enjoying the fritters as an appetizer, a side dish, or even a light lunch, the tangy yogurt sauce adds a burst of freshness and tanginess that elevates the overall eating experience.

So, the next time you whip up a batch of fritters, don’t forget to prepare the tangy yogurt sauce. Its creamy and tangy goodness will leave your taste buds satisfied and craving for more.

Spicy Sriracha Mayo

Spicy Sriracha Mayo is a delightful condiment that combines the creamy goodness of mayonnaise with the fiery heat of sriracha sauce. This flavorful combination adds a spicy kick to various dishes, including fritters.

Sriracha sauce, known for its tangy and spicy flavor, is made from chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, sugar, and salt. It originates from Thailand and has gained immense popularity worldwide. When mixed with mayonnaise, it creates a delectable sauce that enhances the taste of any dish it accompanies.

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One of the best uses of Spicy Sriracha Mayo is in fritters. Fritters are deep-fried savory snacks made by coating vegetables or meat with a batter. The addition of Spicy Sriracha Mayo takes the fritters to a whole new level by adding a burst of heat and flavor.

To prepare Spicy Sriracha Mayo, you can start by mixing mayonnaise and sriracha sauce in a bowl. The ratio of mayonnaise to sriracha sauce can vary depending on your desired spice level. If you prefer a milder taste, you can add more mayonnaise, while those who like it extra spicy can increase the amount of sriracha sauce.

Once you’ve combined the two ingredients, give them a good stir until they are well mixed. The result should be a creamy, orange-colored sauce with a hint of spiciness. You can taste it and adjust the flavors according to your preference by adding more sriracha sauce or mayonnaise if needed.

Now that you have your Spicy Sriracha Mayo ready, it’s time to serve it with your fritters. Whether you’re making zucchini fritters, corn fritters, or chicken fritters, Spicy Sriracha Mayo pairs perfectly with them all. Simply drizzle the mayo over the fritters or serve it as a dipping sauce on the side.

The combination of the crispy fritters and the creamy, spicy mayo creates a delightful contrast of textures and flavors. The heat from the sriracha sauce complements the savory goodness of the fritters, making it a truly mouthwatering experience.

But Spicy Sriracha Mayo isn’t just limited to fritters. It can also be used as a versatile condiment to spice up sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and even as a dip for fries or onion rings. Its bold and tangy taste adds a kick to any dish, transforming it into a flavorful masterpiece.

In summary, Spicy Sriracha Mayo is a fantastic combination of mayonnaise and sriracha sauce that brings a spicy punch to fritters and other dishes. Its creamy texture and fiery flavor make it a perfect accompaniment for those who crave a little heat in their meals. So, give your taste buds a treat by trying out this sensational condiment and elevate your culinary creations to a whole new level.

Fresh Herb Pesto

A vibrant and herbaceous sauce, fresh herb pesto is a delightful addition to any dish. Made with fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese, this sauce adds a burst of flavor and freshness to fritters.

Using the finest and freshest ingredients, fresh herb pesto is a versatile sauce that can elevate the taste of any meal. The combination of aromatic basil leaves, pungent garlic, nutty pine nuts, and savory Parmesan cheese creates a harmonious medley of flavors that is both bold and balanced.

To make fresh herb pesto, start by gathering a handful of fresh basil leaves. Wash them thoroughly and pat them dry. Then, peel and mince a couple of cloves of garlic. Toast a handful of pine nuts until golden brown, and grate some Parmesan cheese.

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Next, combine the basil leaves, minced garlic, toasted pine nuts, and grated Parmesan cheese in a food processor. With the motor running, slowly drizzle in some extra virgin olive oil until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy. You can add more or less oil depending on your desired consistency.

The result is a vibrant green sauce with a rich, herbaceous aroma. Its velvety texture and robust flavors are the perfect accompaniment to fritters. The freshness of the basil, the depth of the garlic, the nuttiness of the pine nuts, and the saltiness of the Parmesan cheese come together to create a sauce that is both indulgent and light.

Uses of Fresh Herb Pesto

Fresh herb pesto is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • Spread it on toasted bread or crackers for a quick and delicious appetizer.
  • Toss it with pasta for a simple yet flavorful meal.
  • Use it as a marinade for grilled vegetables or chicken.
  • Drizzle it over roasted potatoes or vegetables for an extra burst of flavor.
  • Mix it into scrambled eggs or omelettes for a savory twist.

With its vibrant color and enticing aroma, fresh herb pesto is not only a delicious sauce but also a feast for the senses. Its versatility makes it a staple in any kitchen, adding a touch of elegance and freshness to everyday meals.

So, the next time you’re looking to elevate your fritters or any other dish, reach for fresh herb pesto. Its vibrant flavors and herbaceous goodness will take your culinary creations to new heights.

Lemon Dill Sauce

The lemon dill sauce is a delightful addition to any dish, especially when paired with fritters. This light and refreshing sauce is made with fresh dill, lemon juice, and Greek yogurt, creating a perfect balance of flavors that enhances the taste of the fritters with a subtle citrus twist.

By combining the zesty tang of lemon juice with the aromatic essence of dill, this sauce adds a burst of freshness to the fritters, elevating their taste to a whole new level. The creamy texture of Greek yogurt adds a smooth and velvety touch, creating a delectable sauce that complements the crispy exterior and moist interior of the fritters.

One of the key ingredients in this sauce is fresh dill, known for its unique flavor profile reminiscent of anise and parsley. The fragrant and slightly sweet taste of dill infuses the sauce with a pleasant herbaceous note, enhancing the overall culinary experience. The combination of dill and lemon juice creates a harmonious blend of flavors that brings out the best in both ingredients.

The addition of lemon juice in the sauce provides a bright and tangy element, cutting through the richness of the fritters and adding a refreshing touch. The citrusy undertones of the lemon juice complement the savory flavors of the fritters, creating a perfect balance that tantalizes the taste buds.

Greek yogurt serves as the base for this sauce, imparting a creamy and luscious texture. The tangy notes of the yogurt elevate the flavors of the dill and lemon, while also providing a cooling effect that contrasts with the heat and intensity of the fritters. This combination of creamy and tangy creates a delightful contrast that enhances the overall enjoyment of the dish.

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Whether you are serving fritters as an appetizer, snack, or part of a larger meal, the lemon dill sauce is a must-try accompaniment. Its light and refreshing flavors add a burst of brightness to the fritters, creating a dynamic and well-rounded taste experience. The sauce can be drizzled over the fritters or served on the side for dipping – either way, it is sure to enhance the overall enjoyment of the dish.

In summary, the lemon dill sauce is a delightful addition to any fritter dish. Its combination of fresh dill, lemon juice, and Greek yogurt creates a light and refreshing sauce that enhances the flavors of the fritters with a hint of citrus. Whether you are a fan of crispy fritters or simply looking to elevate your culinary creations, the lemon dill sauce is a perfect choice to add a burst of freshness and tang to your dish.


1. What sauce should I serve with zucchini fritters?

A popular sauce to serve with zucchini fritters is tzatziki sauce. Its creamy texture and tangy flavor complement the crispy fritters well. Alternatively, you can also serve them with marinara sauce or a spicy aioli for an extra kick.

2. Can I freeze zucchini fritters?

Yes, you can freeze zucchini fritters! After cooking, allow them to cool completely, then place them in a freezer-safe container or bag. To prevent them from sticking together, you can separate the fritters with parchment paper. When ready to eat, reheat them in the oven or a skillet until warmed through.

3. How do I make zucchini fritters crispy?

To make zucchini fritters crispy, it’s important to remove excess moisture from the zucchini before mixing it with the other ingredients. After grating the zucchini, sprinkle it with salt and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, squeeze out the moisture by pressing the zucchini in a clean kitchen towel or using a cheesecloth. This will result in crispier fritters.


In conclusion, finding the perfect sauce to serve with zucchini fritters can elevate their flavors and create a delightful culinary experience. Whether you prefer a creamy dip or a tangy salsa, the right sauce can complement the crispy texture and subtle taste of the fritters.

One option is a refreshing tzatziki sauce, made with yogurt, cucumber, and garlic. Its cool and tangy flavors add a delightful contrast to the savory zucchini fritters. Alternatively, a zesty marinara sauce can provide a rich and robust taste that pairs well with the fritters’ earthy notes.

No matter which sauce you choose, be creative and experiment with different flavors to enhance the zucchini fritters and satisfy your tastebuds.

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