How To Make Corn Tortillas Not Fall Apart?

Struggling with corn tortillas that fall apart? Worry no more! We have foolproof tips and tricks to help you make perfect, sturdy corn tortillas every time.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook, our step-by-step guide will ensure your tortillas are flexible, resilient, and hold up well, whether you’re filling them with delicious ingredients or using them as a base for your favorite Mexican dishes.

Let’s read on to say goodbye to crumbly tortillas and hello to culinary success!

Proper Techniques for Preventing Corn Tortillas from Breaking

Here, we will explore some proper techniques for preventing corn tortillas from breaking.

1. Proper Storage

One of the main reasons why corn tortillas tend to break is improper storage. It is important to keep your tortillas fresh and pliable. Here are some tips for proper storage:

  • Store tortillas in a plastic bag or airtight container to prevent them from drying out.
  • Keep tortillas in the refrigerator, especially in hot and humid climates, to maintain their freshness.
  • Before using, let the tortillas come to room temperature to make them more pliable and less likely to break.

2. Warm Tortillas Properly

When you are ready to use the corn tortillas, it is essential to warm them properly. This helps to soften the tortillas and make them more flexible. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Heat a skillet or griddle over medium heat.
  • Soak your fingers and sprinkle a little bit of water on the tortilla. Rub the tortilla with a wet hand just to make one side of it moist.
  • Place the moist side of the tortilla on the heated surface and warm it for about 10-15 seconds on each side.
  • While the moist side is being heated, sprinkle a little bit of water on the other side and flip the tortilla over.
  • Repeat this process for all the tortillas, stacking them on a plate and covering them with a clean kitchen towel to keep them warm and soft.

By warming the tortillas before using them, you make them more pliable and less likely to break during the cooking process.

3. Use a Damp Cloth or Paper Towel

In addition to properly warming the tortillas, you can also use a damp cloth or paper towel to keep them moist and prevent them from drying out. Here’s how:

  • Take a clean cloth or paper towel and dampen it with water.
  • Wrap the tortillas in the damp cloth or paper towel.
  • Place the wrapped tortillas in a microwave-safe dish and heat them in the microwave for about 30 seconds.
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The damp cloth or paper towel creates a steamy environment, which helps to soften the tortillas and keep them from breaking.

4. Don’t Overfill the Tortillas

Another common mistake that leads to tortillas breaking is overfilling them with ingredients. Whether you are making tacos, enchiladas, or quesadillas, it is important not to overload the tortillas. Here are some tips:

  • Spread the filling evenly, leaving some space around the edges of the tortilla.
  • Fold the tortilla tightly, securing the filling inside.
  • Avoid adding too much sauce or liquid ingredients, as they can make the tortilla soggy and prone to breaking.

By properly portioning and filling the tortillas, you can prevent them from breaking and ensure a delicious, intact dish.

5. Consider Using Two Tortillas

If you find that your tortillas still tend to break even after following the previous techniques, you can try using two tortillas instead of one. Here’s how:

  • Place one tortilla on a plate or flat surface.
  • Add the filling in the center of the tortilla.
  • Place a second tortilla on top of the filling.
  • Press the edges of the tortillas together to seal them.

The double layer of tortillas provides extra support and stability, reducing the chances of them breaking.

Preventing corn tortillas from breaking requires employing proper techniques throughout the cooking process. Start by storing tortillas properly in airtight containers and warming them before use. Keep tortillas moist by using a damp cloth or paper towel, and avoid overfilling them with ingredients. If needed, try using two tortillas instead of one for added stability. By following these techniques, you can enjoy perfectly intact corn tortillas in your favorite Mexican dishes.

Secrets to Sturdy and Intact Corn Tortillas

Fortunately, there are a few secrets to achieving the perfect corn tortillas that will hold up to any dish you create.

1. Choosing the Right Corn Flour

The first secret to sturdy corn tortillas lies in selecting the right corn flour. Look for masa harina, which is specifically made for making tortillas.

It is made from dried corn that has been treated with an alkaline solution, such as lime, which enhances the flavor and texture of the tortillas. Avoid substituting regular cornmeal or corn flour, as they will not give you the same results.

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2. Properly Hydrating the Corn Flour

Hydration is crucial when it comes to making tortillas. To ensure that your tortillas are sturdy, it’s important to properly hydrate the corn flour.

Start by adding the masa harina to a mixing bowl and gradually pour in warm water while mixing with your hands. The goal is to achieve a dough that is soft and pliable, but not sticky. Adjust the water or flour as needed to achieve the right consistency.

3. Allowing the Dough to Rest

After combining the corn flour and warm water, allow the dough to rest for at least 30 minutes. This resting period allows the flour to fully hydrate and the dough to become more elastic. Resting also makes it easier to shape the tortillas without them cracking or falling apart.

4. Using a Tortilla Press

To ensure uniform thickness and shape, a tortilla press is a must-have tool. Place a small ball of dough between two pieces of parchment paper or plastic wrap and press it with the tortilla press.

This will create tortillas that are consistent in size and thickness, making them less likely to break or tear during cooking.

5. Cooking at the Right Temperature

Cooking the tortillas at the right temperature is essential for their integrity. Use a medium-high heat setting on your griddle or skillet.

Too low heat will result in undercooked tortillas that are prone to tearing, while too high heat can lead to burnt or brittle tortillas. Cook each tortilla for about 30 seconds on each side, or until it develops a slightly golden color.

6. Storing Tortillas Properly

Once your tortillas are cooked, it’s important to store them properly to maintain their integrity. Place them in a tortilla warmer or wrap them in a clean kitchen towel.

This will help keep them warm and prevent them from drying out. Storing them properly will ensure that they remain pliable and ready to use whenever you’re ready to enjoy them.

7. Handling with Care

Lastly, make sure to handle your tortillas with care. Avoid overstuffing or overfilling your tortillas, as this can cause them to tear or fall apart. Gently fold or roll your tortillas with the desired fillings, and enjoy them while they are still warm and fresh.

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With these secrets to making sturdy and intact corn tortillas, you can elevate your Mexican dishes to the next level. By choosing the right corn flour, properly hydrating the dough, allowing it to rest, using a tortilla press, cooking at the right temperature, storing them properly, and handling with care, you’ll have tortillas that are not only delicious but also hold up to any filling or topping you desire. Say goodbye to crumbling tortillas and hello to perfectly sturdy ones!

How can I prevent corn tortillas from falling apart?

To prevent corn tortillas from falling apart, make sure to cook them properly. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat and cook each tortilla for about 30 seconds on each side, until they are soft and pliable. Avoid overcooking, as it can make the tortillas brittle and prone to breaking.

What should I do if my corn tortillas are too dry and crumbly?

If your corn tortillas are too dry and crumbly, try brushing them with a little water or oil before heating them in a skillet or in the oven. This will help to add moisture and prevent them from breaking apart.

Can I make my corn tortillas stronger and more pliable?

Yes, you can make your corn tortillas stronger and more pliable by adding a small amount of all-purpose flour or masa harina (corn flour) to the dough mixture. This will help to improve the elasticity of the tortillas and make them less likely to fall apart.


In conclusion, ensuring that your corn tortillas don’t fall apart can be achieved by following a few simple steps.

First, make sure you use the right ratio of masa harina to water when preparing the dough. This will ensure the right consistency and prevent cracking.

Secondly, allow the dough to rest adequately before pressing it into tortillas. This will improve its elasticity and minimize breakage during cooking.

Next, cook the tortillas on a preheated and lightly greased skillet, flipping them only once to maintain their shape.

Lastly, avoid excessive moisture or overcooking, as these factors can make the tortillas weak and prone to falling apart.

By following these tips, you can enjoy delicious, intact corn tortillas with every batch you make, adding a perfect touch to your favorite Mexican dishes.

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