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Bethwooldridge1 2 months ago

Seasonal Veggie Grit Bowl

As a Grant Park resident, I live near Full Commission and have been many times for brunch, dinner, and drinks, but brunch is my favorite meal here. I don't eat eggs, so finding brunch places with eggless options that aren't pancakes can be a challenge. The veggie grit bowl at Full Commission is the perfect savory eggless dish. It's fresh, cheesy, and perfectly filling. I also love the lemon confit avocado toast (the lemon adds a unique twist) as well as the homemade pop tart (so cute and fun!), but the grit bowl is my fave. Order with one of their fresh homemade bloody marys...delicious!

Brohammer 3 months ago

Not So French Toast

This is the closest I could find to the cinnamon swirl brioche I got from Full Commission for take-away service during The Times That We Are In For The Duration. It's good. It's really good. The whole thing smells like Christmas. A slice of it, a little butter, and some berry spread have been my breakfast for the last five days - and I already put half of it in the freezer for next week. That's along with the amazing sourdough baguettes that were paired with the soups and I've been making at home. Have I made french toast with it yet? Well, no. That'll come Sunday.

Slrothberg 4 months ago

Full Commission Patty Melt

Patty Melt was delicious, but the special pasta that was ordered was UNBELIEVABLE! Creamy pasta with grilled chicken, was off the chain. The drinks were tasty as well. Out server was very attentive & knowledgeable. Not a bad bite was had. Can't wait to go back tonight!!!!

Ianmaney11 4 months ago

Meat and Cheese Board

This was SO GOOD. Highly recommend!

Catherine 4 months ago

Not So French Toast

This French toast is out of this world...I've had it twice and will definitely have it again. Makes you feel like a kid, and for having cereal toppings it's so light and airy.

Deagle1961 5 months ago

Hangover Hash

I love the hangover hash it is definitely πŸ‘Œ the best thing I have ever tasted. The staff are so friendly and helpful I would love to visit again 😊

Hilary 5 months ago

Homemade Poptart

DELISH! We crave the pop tart - great treat for brunch and unlike anything we have had anywhere else!

Lauren 5 months ago

Full Commission Patty Melt

This patty melt is a game changer. It has every flavor combination and explodes with sweet and salty deliciousness in every mouthful. Highly recommended, especially when paired with the tasty and tart side salad for a bit of acid to cut through the richness of the melt.

Lrahill15 5 months ago



Hmcalpineart 5 months ago

Roasted Quail

So tender and flavorful. The vegetables that accompanied were a wonderful compliment to the fall-off-the-bone quail.

Jessica 6 months ago

Fried Cauliflower

I ordered cauliflower at dinner and they said they were out. I mentioned that I was bummed because I love fried cauliflower and my server told the kitchen and they sent someone to the store, to surprise us with an order of cauliflower. Also, it was AMAZING. The thoughtfulness was above and beyond and the flavors just followed through with the awesomeness.

Pagebond08 6 months ago

Crab Roll

I received a gift card to Full Commission and was excited; I work around the corner. I had the Crab Roll and was BLOWN AWAY. The soft roll was perfectly toasted, with char on the inside. The crab meat was fresh and not too mayonnaise-y. It's served with avocado and arugula-YUM!!!! My side was fingerling potato's ....... SERVED WITH BACON! Stop! SO GOOD. Their menu is small but oh so tasty!

Bwade87 6 months ago

The Northern

Amazing combination of a house made English muffin with crispy garlic and sesame seeds with fresh salmon and onion. If you like salmon get it.

Sarawood 6 months ago

Fried Cauliflower

Omg the cauliflower is to die for! It's golden and perfectly executed, but what sends it over the edge is the garlic aioli with capers and lemon zest. I would eat that on cardboard! It the perfect accompaniment to their happy hour wine deal. You can't beat six dollar wine.

Janemghkim 6 months ago

Roasted Veggie Grit Bowl

Food was delicious, also beautifully presented. The iced coffee was also nutty and smooth. A place where I would take my parents.

Ryann 6 months ago

Fried Cauliflower

Full Commission is my new favorite spot. Everything here is amazing. I love that they have a rotating menu, because it forces me to try something new. I came here for my birthday and got the Fried Cauliflower app, literally the best cauliflower I've ever had. Please do yourself a favor and order this!!!

Oliviaharnold 7 months ago

Sandwich of the Day

We had the pimento cheese, bacon, and avocado sandwich, which was amazing! Great proportions of each item. The bread was really nicely crispy though a tad bit too buttery. Overall, it was great!

Jdh10 8 months ago

Cherry Coke Chicken Wings

WOW! Amazing is all I have to say πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Tylerarnold14 8 months ago

The Northern

It was amazing! The biscuit was very fresh which is necessary for a good breakfast sandwich.

Dianejhewitt 8 months ago

Not So French Toast

SO indulgent and delicious! Like no other, this will be my new addiction. If you choose sweet over savory for brunch, this is it!

Sbasford16 2 months ago

DEATH OF A SALESMAN (penicillin )

This restaurant has my whole heart. The atmosphere and the people are second to none, and they introduced me to my favorite cocktail in the world. Go support this business!!!

Jberman10 4 months ago

Grilled Halibut

We are sold! My wife got the bar steak and I got the fish. It was delicious, especially the steak. Great ambience and a great addition to the neighborhood. Try the Brussels sprouts! They are amazing

Sharon 4 months ago

Grilled Halibut

Absolute perfection. Perfectly cooked. Delicious flavor. Added Mac n Cheese on the side and OMG amazing!!!!

Kelseyagnew 4 months ago

Roasted Veggie Grit Bowl

I loved the roasted veggie grit bowl topped with a fried egg! Just the right balance of decadent (hello, cheese grits) and healthy-ish (my bowl had roasted cauliflower, tomatoes, squash, and peppers).

Ctucker0613 4 months ago

Hangover Hash

This was exactly what I needed after a long week and a night of drinking. It was hearty, hot, and filling. The service was wonderful and coffee was equally tasty. Hit the spot and will be happy to return!

Atlantacoffeeshops 5 months ago

Homemade Poptart

The homemade poptart at Full Commission is worth the hype! This delicious item was flaky, warm, with just the right amount of sweetness and tartiness. Though the portion size is not enough to count as a full brunch item, it is perfect as a side item to one of other Full Commission's menu options, such as their delicious avocado toast.

Stephen 5 months ago

The Northern Bowl

I found this place on a first date last summer and while there wasn't a second date with that person, I have entered into a non-monogamous relationship with Full Commission. Anytime I am in Grant Park for a brunch or want to introduce someone to a new mouth-watering meal, this is the place. I have had a number of the dishes here, but my favorite so far was the The Northern Bowl. Disclaimer: MUST love salt and 100% add that egg! Heck, add TWO eggs and treat yo self! Don't forget to try something off their amazing drink menu. Whether you are in need of some hair of the dog, or a caffeine fix, they got you covered.

Micheleclements77 5 months ago

The Southern

The Southern was everything that I had hoped for. The ham was sublime and my egg perfectly cooked. The relish and the pimento cheese added that special "umph" to round out the yummy-ness that is this dish. I had a side of the potatoes with it and also got a side of the grits. Both delicious! I dream about this brekky-sam at least once a week. Divine!

Jsibley13 5 months ago

The Northern

The Northern is soooo delicious. I often go here to work and have a latte, but inevitably I end up ordering The Northern because, well why not?!? I love their English muffin and the smoked salmon is amazing. Paired with potatoes and fruit it's πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Teri 6 months ago

Fried Cauliflower

The item I had is not listed, BUT I am OBSESSED with the shredded Brussel Sprouts with Chorizo! We had them 2 days ago, and I had to order them to go tonight! I seriously want to throw an egg on these eat it for breakfast, put them in a corn tortilla and eat it for dinner! Y.U.M! I can't even🀀

Elizabeth 6 months ago

Hangover Hash

We went for brunch yesterday and it was AMAZING. The bartender, Chelsea, was great. She recommended different cocktails that were all fantastic. We got the poptart, steak and eggs, and hash bowl. We can't wait to come back for more brunch and dinner! It was such a cool little spot.

Dpolk8 6 months ago

The Southern

Best breakfast in Atlanta! So fresh and delicious 🀀!!! Great costumer service, awesome experience, love the place. It's a must have.

Chris752 6 months ago

The Northern

A gorgeous dish and perfect commingling of fresh bright flavors. Where have pickled vegetables been all my life? Coupled with the nutty rich cappuccino I was pretty much in heaven. I can't wait to come back!

Penguinwithin 6 months ago

Bar Steak

Steak is delicious! A great cut and cooked well

Ryann 6 months ago

Butternut Squash

I thought I made the best butternut squash until i tried the side at full commission. Literally blew my mind. I'm pretty sure they use unicorn tears to make it taste so good. Whatever it is, it's magical!!!

Ekdot 7 months ago

Lemon Confit Avocado Toast

This was not your average Avocado Toast! The sourdough bread was warm and tangy with a great sear. The lemon confit was fresh and added delicious flavor to the ripe avocado. I recommend the crispy potatoes as a side. Looking forward to many more visits in the months to come.

Tara 8 months ago

Seasonal Veggie Grit Bowl

This dish was savory and fantastic! Nice thick texture to the grits, and the cheese is fully infused-not just some melted stuff on top. Lots of fresh roasted vegetables too. Can't wait to go back and try more things!

Seanparker66 8 months ago

Steak and Eggs

Boy was this good. The steak was cooked perfectly. Loved the eggs, sunny side up, and they let it get a little crisp on the bottom which was so good. The crispy potatoes, man, I hope they never change them. So crunchy and perfectly seasoned. My fiancΓ©e got the southern, and she loved it. We'll come back often.

Johnmdesjardins 8 months ago

"Everything" Pork Rinds

Pork rinds are amazing! Yum! I like to get then with two dipping sauces, the standard spicy one and another they have that is more like a yogurt or sour cream dip that cools the palate. Great with beer or cocktails.

Jimmysnapfinger 9 months ago

Buttermilk Chicken

This dish should run for president. Phenomenal on every level, hearty and refreshing (succotash was top notch). Restaurant is a great addition to Grant Park. Buttermilk Chicken 2020!


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