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Kelleburns about 1 month ago

The Northern

I love you. This, at one time was served as a sandwich. While the bread was delish, I much prefer this bowl style meal. CRISPY potatoes, capers, smoked salmon, pickled onion. I might try some arugula in time.

Kmeggs about 1 month ago

The Northern

I am crazy for smoked salmon and crazy for pickled red onion, but a homemade EVERYTHING English muffin? That's all you have to say. Perfect amount of savory to match the tart of the onion and whatever you can call that amazing smoked salmon flavor. The grits are great but I usually go for the crispy "torn" potatoes. They're not really torn—and that would be a wonderful thing—but they are def crispy so I won't complain. This is my #1 salmon breakfast around here.

Khamille about 1 month ago

Big Green Salad

Best salad I ever had! It felt like ingredients were picked just before chef prepared it aka super fresh, dressing was on point and taste buds were screaming for more!

Lydiaslotten about 2 months ago

Fried Cauliflower

In love with the happy hour apps - in particular yay fried cauliflower! I crave it and keep coming back for more. Plus, it can be complimented with charcuterie cheese and meat options.... and if you stay for dinner the duck is delightful. The mixed drinks are aso inventive - the beet one is my favorite. On top of all that the staff are lovely and they let you bring dogs on the covered patio.

Ralphamos about 2 months ago

Full Commission Patty Melt

This is the patty melt on the planet. I dream about it. The crunchy cheese on the outside of the bread. The bacon jam. You have to be sitting down to eat these because your knees will buckle from the complex flavors.

Childs 2 months ago

Homemade Poptart

It asked me to select a specific item I had but it was all delicious. The pop tart is very nostalgic and has 1000x the flavor as your favorite toaster Pastry. The granola, fruit and yogurt is amazing the honey, maple drizzle really finishes the dish. I have only positive memories of the times I've been to Full Commission.

Djdnatural 2 months ago

Fried Cauliflower

I went a month ago and had the Fired Chicken on a bed of Fingerling Potatoes cooked in duck fat and topped with Asparagus. I also had cauliflower. Everything was so flavorful and delicious! The chicken was very tender and cooked perfectly. I love that the menu is seasonal, but if this were on the menu all the time, I'd eat it every time I go to FC. But it was soooooo good, I know anything I get here will be amazing!

Tmichael 3 months ago

Crispy Baby Taters

It's hard to pick just one thing off the Full Commission menu to rave about, be it wine, cocktails, chef salad, macaroni and cheese, their homemade bread, etc. but the one item I always look forward to, especially at brunch, is the perfectly crispy baby taters. They are cooked to absolute perfection! Moist and tender on the inside and perfectly crunchy on the outside. I'm getting hungry right now just thinking about them.

Tyler 3 months ago


I had A soy latte and a croissant that had bacon and cheese on it as well as a fruit cup. Tried to order the homemade poptart but it was in the process of being freshly baked so it was going to be a while, but it's just my excuse to come back again. My husband hates coming with me to cafes and coffee shops ( it just not his thing... weird, I know) but he actually loved this place. They made my coffee exactly the way I like it And everything else followed. Will be back for that POPTART.

Alliancen 4 months ago

The Northern Bowl

The northern is simply delicious! I really prefer this on a bagel (BK girl here lol) but I'll take this. I requested a side of bacon and my side dish was the grits. This is my favorite item on the brunch menu. If you are a coffee lover, def have the coffee there.

Amanda 4 months ago

Duck Confit

Perfect!! Such an awesome melding of flavors. One of my fave preparations of this dish!

Mhl7707 4 months ago


Honestly, this place is such a nice spot to either meet with friends or on a date. I've tried a couple of their teas and coffees and all of them do not disappoint. I try to go when I'm in the city!

Chan23 4 months ago


The coffee program here is outstanding! My iced latte was one of the best I've had, smooth and not at all bitter. I also love the restaurant meets coffee shop vibe. Such a great add to Grant Park!

Hillarycmaddox 4 months ago

The Northern

The Northern Breakfast Sandwich is sooo good! I've had it so many times and can't get enough of it.

Erica 4 months ago

Matchstick Fried Okra

I tried this and many other dishes at Full Commission. Every single one is better than the next. I would definitely recommend checking this place out and not being shy about picking a variety of plates to share.

Amandamlee88 5 months ago

Big Green Salad

Wow, where do I start? From the amazing scent in the bathroom to the beautiful interiors, friendly bartender and barista - coffee was great, cocktail and salad flavorful and creative. Doesn't take much to deliver a top notch package but seems to take a lot to find a place that does! I'll be back and I'm telling my friends to check this place out.

Teri 5 months ago

Roasted Veggie Grit Bowl

My go to for brunch always, I even get it for brunches I host at our home (it's much better then anything I could make, nom)! Don't get me wrong you can't go wrong with anything at Fullcommissionatl for Breakfast! Today, I am too lazy to get out of my PJ's and we are getting it to go! Bring it on!!

Kmeggs about 1 month ago

The Southern

Aptly named. At this point, I don't really want to see a biscuit or muffin *without* pimento cheese on it. Though I could always use more, they at least don't skimp and it's delicious. The bacon is always cooked to crispy perfection and I love that there is something about the egg that seems more authentically skillet-fried than other places. Almost like waffle house edge-brown, but definitely a higher caliber. I def recommend subbing with the everything english muffin and getting the crispy potatoes!

Kmeggs about 1 month ago

Homemade Poptart

Yes yes and amen! If you are going to go the sweet route for breakfast, this is your stop. Most people buy croissants or muffins and those are hardly ever homemade, so go old school and from scratch. Go poptart! I loved the simplistic but energized presentation—that's probably not easy with a poptart. And the pastry itself is divine. Not toooo sweet, perfectly moist, and a good ratio of filling to crust (if they ever mess that up I am gone). I hope it stays forever!

Michy200214820 about 1 month ago

Lemon Confit Avocado Toast

I am an avocado maniac! This was so delicious! I recommend it if you are in the mood for something light and just right !

Caseyefford about 2 months ago

Sandwich of the Day

The first time I discovered that the Sandwich of the Day was an incredible turkey + arugula + aoli + mustard + toasted sourdough sandwich, I went back multiple times after hoping it was still the same! SO so good! Thankfully, you cannot go wrong with anything on Full Commission's menu. Their items have a unique flair to them. Blessed to live near you, FC.

Anikethkhutia10 2 months ago


Just went for a simple coffee evening, had a great time. Nothing to fancy, I guess Full Commission caters to all kinds of experiences.

Joyfjordan 2 months ago

Roasted Veggie Grit Bowl

The best! Veggies cut thinly, makes it so easy to eat.

Guest 3 months ago

The Northern Bowl

Awesome dish!! One of my favorite ways to have smoked salmon, ever!

Jessmloud 3 months ago

Chicken Salad Sandwich

I was pleasantly surprised with my sandwich of the day! Out came a chicken salad sandwich and side salad barely 5 minutes after I sat down. The chicken salad was unique and not just store bought and even had a little spicy kick to it. It was served on toasted crunch (but not too crunchy) bread. The side salad had the perfect amount of vinaigrette on it with watermelon chunks and thinly sliced onion. What I thought was going to be a simply plain meal ended up being much more gourmet and delicious. I highly recommend Full Commission for their delicious menu, friendly staff and beautiful European-inspired cafe feel!

Marybrook 3 months ago

Matchstick Fried Okra

I grew up in Mississippi and my Grandmother used to make me the BEST fried okra in the world... or so I thought. Full Commission's Fried Okra is better than my sweet Grandmothers. Please don't tell her I said that! But WOW!! What an awesome dish!

Suzanneslh 4 months ago

Grilled Salmon

Had fried cauliflower as an appetizer and grilled salmon for dinner. Both were fabulous. The pino grigio wine was very good too. My friend's both had the mussels and they said they we phenomenal. Out waiter was super nice. We sat on the patio, the fan made it comfortable. Great neighborhood restaurant, we will be back!

Jdurhamgoehring 4 months ago

Granola Yogurt Bowl

Goodness, this breakfast was satisfying and way more filling than expected. The yogurt was unbelievably creamy and thick topped with an unreal ginger-infused maple syrup. I came back home and tried to infuse my own maple syrup with ginger and it just can't beat the one from Full Commission.

Emilyfurtsch 4 months ago

DEATH OF A SALESMAN (penicillin )

Ben and the other bartenders are true cocktail craftsmen! The Death of a Salesman is crisp and refreshing with just enough lemon and ginger. Hands down my favorite bar for a distinguished cocktail, an afternoon wine or a refreshing beer. Whatever you pick, you can't go wrong. The food pairs so well!

Ozarella 4 months ago

Buttermilk Chicken

We visited for my boyfriend's birthday and shared this meal. Not only did we love every bit of it, but we seriously enjoyed the roasted carrots and our drinks from the bar. Absolutely will be coming back soon for round 2!

Aidymayen 4 months ago

Homemade Poptart

The pop tarts were amazing! The kids loved having them for brunch.

Teri 5 months ago

Homemade Poptart

Ordered these for a brunch I had at our place! Everyone loved them.

Bperlma 5 months ago

Seasonal Veggie Grit Bowl

Excellent veggies, big portion, grits were extra cheesy and egg was perfectly cooked. Presentation was also beautiful.

Koreyogden 6 months ago

DEATH OF A SALESMAN (penicillin )

We enjoyed a variety of cocktails and snacks from the menu during our evening on the covered porch. The drinks were boozy, artfully crafted and perfectly balanced, rivaling the best cocktails we've had. The food we enjoyed was well-portioned with bold flavors, all presented very professionally. Full Commission is a tremendous addition to the area's restaurants and complements the rising Atlanta food scene.


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